Why this International Feels So Shit

Ah, The International, that time of year when we gamers unite, eyes glued to our screens, ready for some epic Dota 2 action. But this year, something feels different. If you’re like me, you’ve probably noticed that the excitement just isn’t quite there, and the reason is as clear as a crystal Aegis. + bonus about how to fix it in the end (rent dota 2 accounts)

Low Prize Pool, Low Hopes

Remember when The International was synonymous with jaw-dropping prize pools? We’re talking tens of millions, enough to make even Scrooge McDuck jealous. But now, the prize pool seems about as exciting as a day-old sandwich. The International 10, for example, had a massive prize pool totaling more than $40 million. This year? Not so much. It’s like showing up at your favorite restaurant, and they’ve replaced the juicy steak with a plain salad. We want that juicy steak!

It’s not just about the cash, it’s about the dream. The perception of a possible cybersport career is at an all-time low. Where’s the motivation for budding esports pros when the treasure chest at the end of the rainbow is looking a bit too empty?

International Prize Pool 2023.
Screenshot 23.10.2023 from https://dota2.prizetrac.kr/international2023

Where Are the Cosmetics, Valve?

One of the things that made previous Internationals so memorable was the Battlepass. It was like a treasure trove of cosmetics, with each level unlocking something cooler than the last. But this year, it feels like Valve forgot to stock the shelves. No cosmetics in the Battlepass means no feeling of acquiring something cool for eternity. It’s like going trick-or-treating and getting a toothbrush instead of candy. Thanks, but no thanks, Valve.

Last Year’s Bounty of Freebies

Remember last year? We were showered with gifts like it was Christmas morning. Compendiums, Arcanas, you name it, we got it for free. But this year? Well, it’s like waking up on your birthday, running downstairs, and finding an empty living room. “I had zero expectations and was still disappointed,” as one Reddit user put it. Ouch! That pretty much sums up the mood of the community. We’re feeling a bit neglected, Valve.

Where’s the Fun in PVE?

Another missing ingredient this year is the lack of proper PVE content in the Compendium. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never received a lot from such activities, but it was fun to spend time together with friends. We’d tackle challenges, laugh at our failures, and, in the end, earn some levels and cosmetics. It was like a bonding experience, a digital summer camp.

This year, it’s as if Valve forgot about our summer camp and left us with nothing but a plain old sandbox. Come on, Valve, throw us a bone here! We’re not asking for much, just a little PvE adventure to enjoy with friends.

In conclusion, this International feels a bit lackluster, like a blockbuster movie with all the explosions edited out. The low prize pool, the absence of Battlepass cosmetics, the lack of freebies, and the missing PVE content have left us feeling like something’s amiss. We may not be professional game developers, but we do know what we love, and we love The International. So, Valve, next year, let’s bring back the excitement, the surprises, and the fun. After all, it’s the fans who make The International truly legendary.

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May Our Crystal Power Illuminate Your Path! 🌟