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Patch 7.34 Awesome Pos 4 Heroes: Boost Your Dota 2 Adventure!


Hey there, Dota 2 fans! Let’s dive into the world of pos 4 heroes in patch 7.34. These are the support champions that can make your Dota 2 account shine. Get ready to explore some cool strategies and power up your game!

Witch Doctor: The Fun Support Star!

First up, we have Witch Doctor, with a fantastic 56.8% win rate in about 69.8k games. This hero is all about having a good time while still being super useful. Using Shard, Aghanim’s, and BKB, Witch Doctor can really help out. Focus on maxing Maledict and Cask, and don’t forget to level up your ultimate at 6, 12, and 18. Whether you’re backing up your friends or leading the charge in the mid lane, Witch Doctor’s got you covered.

Warlock: Chaos and Control Combo!

Next in line is Warlock, with a solid 54.9% win rate in about 30.5k games. This hero has been updated recently and is now stronger than ever. You can use Warlock to help your teammates in the early game or lead the charge yourself. Go for Midas, Aghanim’s, Shard, Glimmer Cape, Force Staff, and Refresher. Focus on Fatal Bonds and pick talents that give you more control. Warlock is a great pick for all stages of the game.

Nature’s Prophet: Nature’s Ultimate Power!

Wrapping things up is Nature’s Prophet, with a strong 54.1% win rate in about 66.8k games. This hero can do a bit of everything – gank enemies, control the map, and dominate late-game battles. Try out a mix of Midas, Medal, Spirit Vessel, Orchid, BKB, Nullifier, and Aghanim’s for a versatile build. With the revamped sprouts dealing damage, you can annoy enemy carries like never before. Max out the new sprout skill and show them who’s boss.

Before we go, remember that teaming up with a pos 3 friend can make your pos 4 game even better. And if you want to test new hero builds, don’t forget you can use rented accounts at Have a blast on the battlefield!

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Ready to Dive In? Here’s Where to Go:

  • Register a New Dota 2 Account: If you’re ready to join the fray and embark on your Dota 2 journey, head over to Dota 2’s official website to create your account and step into the action-packed world of Dota!
  • Rent Your Dota 2 Account: Looking for a fresh experience without commitment? Explore the option of renting a Dota 2 account at Unlock the flexibility to try different heroes and strategies while keeping the thrill alive!
  • Stay in the Loop with Patchnotes and News: To stay up-to-date with the latest patches, news, and insights from the Dota 2 community, check out Dotabuff. Dive into the details and make informed decisions for your next game.
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So there you have it, fellow Dota enthusiasts! Whether you’re starting fresh, seeking flexibility, staying informed, or enhancing your skills, these links will guide you on your journey to Dota 2 greatness. Get ready to conquer the battlefield and rise through the ranks with confidence!

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